VITA LIBERATA The Classic Mitt

Product no.: TOL003

Every little helps when it comes to fake tan application and Vita Liberata's Classic Tanning Mitt is small but makes a phenomenal difference. It can elevate a novice to pro-status with its' delicate foam fibres, that spread tan evenly without any fake-tan give-aways.

So soft it can even be used on the face, Vita Liberata's Classic Tanning Mitt enables flawless fake-tan application without the tell-tale tangoed hands - guaranteed to put paid to your 'two weeks in the med' story. Suitable for use with all Vita Liberata fake-tan formulas, this foam mitt spreads lotions, gels and mousses seamlessly to leave you looking gorgeously golden.

Sweep the mitt up your skin in big strokes, try and keep each sweep in the same direction and don't over-rub or the final result will be uneven.


7,00 EUR

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VITA LIBERATA  The Classic Mitt